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Tuesday September 9th 2008 ~ Rain rain go away !

The weather played a big part in today's events, with rain falling here for much of the day. Things began badly with dear old 20127 in trouble on Y8 with its windscreen wipers not working. Bruce saw it passing his house about 08.50 and Judith then saw it arriving at Wisbech at 09.06 (due off here at 09.01). The driver obviously attempted a repair here and it ended up leaving immediately behind 20114 on the 09.31 (Y9), however, it only reached Guyhirn before the driver failed it completely - all the passengers had gone on Y9, so it returned to Lynn for repairs. This meant Lynn had to supply a vehicle to take up turn Y8 at 11.12 to Lowestoft and this they did by using 20105 which had been restricted to schools work since Thursday last.
The day then passed relatively without incident until late afternoon when 20123 on K18 14.48 Peterborough - Gorleston was failed at Lynn with its demisters playing up, surprisingly 20353 was called upon to work forward, even though this turn overnights at Yarmouth. It is possible that the Profile will return tonight instead of 20501 on K7 21.58 ex Lowestoft. The other two Profiles repeated their Monday turns on K17 & K3, but all three are due to go to Norwich tomorrow before leaving for the far North.
Angela sent a text to report 20121 departing Peterborough Rail station 10 late on the 17.18 (K2) to Lowestoft screeching badly. The driver failed it at Lynn allegedly because its demisters had packed up, however, when checked later they were working perfectly. May be he was worried because of the noises which 121 tends to make or may be he had read this blog ! Anyway 20500 which had come in on J10, the 18.24 arrival from Lowestoft was used instead of 20121 at 18.42.
Despite all this it was another good day for timekeeping. At lunchtime in Wisbech bus station Blondie was seen with 20505 leaving dead on time with L13 13.09 to Lowestoft while the late lady driver was only 7 late leaving on K16 13.01 to Peterborough (20502).

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