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Thursday September 25th 2008 ~ Road Closed

King's Lynn once again began the day a vehicle down with 20500 & 20505 both in for scheduled servicing. This meant K6 07.59 to Peterborough was as Judith put it 'an old bus' , whereas Bruce was more precise 'twas 65529'. 20500 took the turn over later, probably for the 10.42 departure from Lynn eastbound. Yesterday's star 20126 was out on K18 today which ends up at Yarmouth.
The turmoil caused by an A47 accident at North Tuddenham took a while to filter through to us here in the west. K7 11.55 ex Lowestoft due off Wisbech at 15.31 was only a couple of minutes late with 20506, but there was then a gap and K1 due at 16.01 was 29 late with 20103 and things got worse before they got better with K2 the 16.31 seen leaving at 17.11 (40 late) with 20118 and following it three cars behind 20352 on K4 the 17.01, a mere 10 late. Next came 20500 on K6 which was viewed by Bruce 22 late at Walpole Highway. 20506 returned on K7 11 late. For the third day running the schools turns were 20508, 20142 & 20131. Damaged 65540 left for collision repairs today but 20120 remains dumped at Rowan Road.
Ryan reports that 20141 and 20127 (missing since last week) are being repaired at Yarmouth, whereas 20119 remains untouched at present. A little off topic, but more news from Ryan is that Dart 47206 was involved in a fatal accident at the N&N hospital yesterday.
No sign of any movement on 20507/8/9 yet, but hopefully you will read of any developments here first.

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