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Wednesday 17th September 2008 ~ Hanging On

The three Profiles once again did turns K4, K17 & K3 precisely as yesterday. All the Paragons bar 20508 were out on X1. This had attention at Ford & Slaters to its tacho and later joined 20131 & 20142 on the Hunstanton schools runs.
20127 went over to Lowestoft on K19 (the X2 turn) but Sam reports 20103 doing the rest of it and struggling most of the way on his trip.
Cheryl said 20114 was already 15 late when seen leaving Wisbech on the 08.31 to Peterborough (K6), however, Judith saw 20505 on the 09.31 on time. K5 11.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough was heavily delayed and was seen 26 late at Tilney and then Cheryl saw it leaving Wisbech 28 late. 20500 on K7 following was only about 8 minutes behind it. There was no spare power at Lynn again today and local turn 3 on the Hunstantons was cancelled for the second day running.
Ryan was in touch today and has given us an update on the Yarmouth situation. 20141 has now arrived from Lowestoft for repairs, while 20117 is at last being attended to for MOT etc. The picture regarding 20119 however, looks bleak and rumours persist that it will be withdrawn. Nick Field on East Anglia Buses Yahoo group says that 20115 is due to return to traffic very shortly.
I'm off to the Wensleydale Railway for a couple of days now, so more X1 news on my return.

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