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Saturday 20th September 2008 ~ Wot Profiles ?

All three Profiles were off the road at King's Lynn today. 20352 had issues with wipers and demisters, but the other two seemed to merely be having a rest. 20508 was having a service, while 20142 and 20131 were helping out on the Hunstanton service.
On the X1 things seemed to go pear shaped in the afternoon, no doubt because of Norwich City playing at home to Sheffield United. K7 14.59 Lynn - Peterborough arrived at 15.11 and finally got away 22 late with 20503, then the next service due to depart at 15.29 (K1) was overtaken by the 15.59 (K2) which arrived first with 20121 at 15.55, this then went empty to Peterborough as K1 and 20124 on the 15.29 became K2 leaving 4 late.
Richard says he's unable to hang on to 20507/8/9 any longer and they should depart this week. He says the X1 should be Ok, but the schools turns will become a major headache until reinforcements arrive.

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