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Monday September 1st 2008 ~ Good Times

Here's 20507 on today's 10.18 ex Peterborough with the 'late' lady driver going well
Yes virtually everything ran to time today. Main exception was K2 08.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft with 20114 which was 15 late from Wisbech and 23 late from Lynn due to it picking up passengers intended for the following service (K4), the latter arriving as 114 departed ! By this evening 114 had made up some time and was only 12 late on the 17.18 ex Peterborough. By contrast Y9 14.55 Lowestoft - Peterborough was marginally early at Walpole Highway (due 18.17) with 20504. 504 had begun the day on Y8 but was stepped up at Lowestoft with 20505 taking over Y8 and 20507 off Y9 taking a rest. Only other delayed service was 20501 working the 10.55 ex Lowestoft (K3) which was 15 late from Lynn.

20353 was having batteries charged at Lynn depot but now has a problem with its rear lights, while 20120 remains off the road. Rumours of the B12 Paragons being transferred to work around Heathrow have resurfaced.

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