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Saturday 27th September 2008 ~ An Obama Moment !

Yes it was an Obama Moment for 20127 today ! The first eastbound service from Lynn at 05.42 (K15) has been a B12 working for as long as anyone can remember, in four years it has only been known to have a B10 on one occasion (20131), but today its fellow Barbie liveried sister 20127 was given the honour of working this turn. In fact Lynn were only able to roster two B12s for todays services, an all time low. 20501/6 look to have remained at Vancouver Avenue all day while 20508 was at Rowan Road. For the record only 20503 (K17) and 20500 (K2) were used.
One reason for the lack of B12s was that all three B7 Profiles were out and did they keep time ? Well no of course, 20352 on K7 11.55 from Lowestoft passed Walpole almost 21 late, while 20353 was 11 down on K3 15.18 ex Peterborough. 20351 on K4 17.48 Peterborough - Lynn was seen arriving on time, which seems reasonable until you realise that normally this turn comes in about 6-7 mins early.
20126 did K5 today but was swapped at Lowestoft and the 11.25 from there to Peterborough was 20505. 20104 and 20107 somehow ended up on each others turns tonight. This morning J10 10.48 ex Pbo was 20107 but tonight it was on J11 18.59 Lynn - Peterborough while 20104 had arrived at Vancouver Avenue (seemingly off J10), there may however been a swap somewhere as 20509 had also just arrived at the garage, though on what is unknown.

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