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Tuesday 16th September 2008 ~ Scotland on Paragon Alert

Here's Sam and Jamie V after examining the damage on 65540 following Friday's accident.

So it's Scotland according to Richard, the destination for the departing Paragons that is and he ought to know being the top man over here. 20507/8/9 were due to have gone when the Profiles returned, but such is the shortage of power at Lynn that they are being held back to cover.

Today Sam and Jamie V came over and we met up at King's Lynn for an audit of the situation. The three Profiles were all out and K17 & K3 must now surely be booked turns for these. 20353 was on K4 08.48 ex Peterborough and was 20 late into Lynn, Jamie V who travelled on it said it was full from Peterborough. No power was available for the morning part of K20, so the 06.47 Lynn - Norwich was cancelled. Coaches out of traffic were 20127 (door problem), 20509 (scheduled service) and 20508 (tacho failure, to be sorted out tomorrow morning). 20509 was serviced in time to work the afternoon part of K20. There were problems on the Hunstanton route too, with one turn left uncovered, no doubt exacerbated by 65540's absence. 20131, 20142 and 20508 did the afternoon schools turns.

Bruce was keeping an eye on things too and says "20506 was 24 late going to Pboro on the 10.29 ex Lynn (L12), 20105 was 13 late on the 12.29 ex Lynn (K16) and then I am afraid to say:- 20352 was 13 late on the 12.59 (K17) and 20351 was 5 late on the 13.59 (K3)".
20127 has gained some new adverts for 'Norfolk Jobs' and was Ok for service again tonight.

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