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Tuesday 23rd September 2008 ~ Solitude

A peaceful day on the X1. One of the Profiles was not ready for K17 06.27 Lynn - Lowestoft and this went out with 20506. 20352 was then put on K2 06.59 to Peterborough, later in the day this was swapped for a B10, believed to be 20118 which had come off a service. Only other anomaly was 20126 which did K18 06.57 Lynn - Lowestoft and then went on to the X2, 20111 looks to have replaced it on the 10.25 westbound.
Timekeeping was hit and miss today, the 12.48 ex Peterborough (Y14) was 20500 seen running 1 early at Walpole Highway. Westbound services recovered from delays at lunchtime (20121 being 17 late into Wisbech on K17 13.01 to Peterboro') and the 15.01 (K5) with 20104 and the 16.01 (K1) with 20114 were unusually on time. Similarly 20509 was again dead on time on K7 17.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft, however, Profile 20353 was 16 late at Wisbech on the 17.01 to Peterborough (K4).

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