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Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ~ Must Try Harder !

Now allocated to Lynn, here's 20131 in a very floral Lynn bus station on Monday. Note the flowers are in matching livery - never let it be said that we lack taste !

Well today saw the first use in service of the ex First D & C coaches. 20351 was used on the early bath turn (K4) 07.29 Lynn - Peterborough etc. I saw it twice, firstly just 2 mins late on the 08.49 ex Peterborough and then later no less than 43 minutes late entering Wisbech on the 13.25 ex Lowestoft which is due off here at 17.01. It was followed 4 minutes later by 20503 on K6 13.55 ex Lowestoft. So a rather embarrassing debut for the new beast. 20352 meanwhile was tried out on K20, the Lynn - Norwich & return empty turn, however, 20118 off a 'B' service did the afternoon part of this diagram and was incidentally seen by John W on Hunstanton schools as booked. John also saw 20131 which - joy of joys lol - is now a Lynn vehicle and presumably a replacement for 20141 which has a blown engine at Lowestoft (see previous blogs) . May be 20131's leaky roof will now get repaired at last. A correction here to yesterday's blog - apparently 20131 took over turn K17 at Lowestoft and 20508 went light to Lynn, well I confess I couldn't have predicted that one.
Meanwhile the other Barbie, 20127 is now allocated to Yarmouth, but has nevertheless been an ever present on X1 so far this week. The three incoming Volvo B10B/Wrights transferred from Norwich to Lowestoft were all out on the X2 today and 20107 on K19 was the only coach seen by both Sam and Michael. 20103 on K18 10.25 ex Lowestoft was ill and it looks like 20142 off an exam replaced it at Lynn. Grahame reports 20106 back at Yarmouth (from Bath apparently) now and it was in use on the Gorleston/Norwich shuttles today along with 20126. 20353 looked to have had repairs completed at King's Lynn tonight, but 20120 still looks a sorry state.
Finally another Lynn Olympian ventured out to Wisbech today, this time 34901 was en route to an MOT at Welbourns, so we still await one deputising on the X1 - and time is running out......


Sam Wickham said...

However many flowers you put on it, it still is and always will be a wreck ;)

Gerardtcc said...

Your a hard man Sam ! G