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Wednesday 24th September 2008 ~ What does the 'L' in Lowestoft stand for ?

Now what's this ? Is it an alien ? No it's 20111 of course.

Well time for another episode in our occasional series of 'You Couldn't Make It Up' (with apologies to Richard Littlejohn).

Sam was out monitoring proceedings on the X2 today and saw 20126 working the 11.08 Lowestoft - Norwich and 12.38 back, says Sam "20126 has a broken mid saloon window passenger side (Don't tell Bruce!)". Well I guess Bruce will know now and on his birthday too !Anyway, what do you do with a B10 with a broken window ? Well if you are Lowestoft you take it off the X2 - commendable I hear you say - and then swap it with 20114 which has just come in on the 14.10 arrival from Peterborough (Y8) sending 20126 with its frosted window off on the X1 and you've guessed it, 20126 ends up at King's Lynn. What a hoot ! The first Lynn hear about the window is 30 mins before its arrival, having been expecting 20141 (shome mishtake shurely ?). I think relations between King's Lynn and Lowestoft are about to reach a new low :+0

Now call me a pessimist if you like, but is it coincidence that I've yet to see a B7 Profile running on time on a westbound service? Today K17 12.59 Lynn - Peterborough was according to Bruce 'Well late' with 20351 while 20352 on K4 was on time arriving at Wisbech at 09.35 heading east, but by tonight had managed to lose 23 minutes on its 17.01 departure time to Peterborough. Peter sent a text to say that 20352 was being closely followed by 20501 on K6 by the time they were nearing their destination. The trusty B10s seem to manage Ok and today K5 11.25 from Lowestoft due off Wisbech at 15.01 departed 2 minutes early with 20124. As previously reported this service is seldom in town by its scheduled departure time, let alone before it. Earlier, the 09.25 (K16) westbound was 22 late with 20107, but other than services mentioned the remainder ran roughly to time.

Early this morning K2 06.59 King's Lynn - Peterborough was worked by Scania 65528, this was because 20507 was on booked maintenance and 20504 had problems with its ABS and drivers seat. The latter were repaired for it to relieve the Scania, presumably in time for 504 to work the 09.42 to Lowestoft. 20508, 20131 & 20142 were once again all engaged on schools work. On a brighter note, Sam reports 20103 sounding in much better health than of late on K19 today.

Last year ten B10 Premieres (20103/07/09/11/19/20/23/24/26/42) were repainted. Fleet numbers were painted on the back corners at window height on both sides on all of these except 20111 which was the first one treated. This received its fleet number under the rear side window in a font so small it is impossible to read at a short distance. After seeing it, I immediately sent off an email to R.H. Bodyworks asking them to use bigger numbers on subsequent repaints which they kindly did (yes I know it was a sad thing to do but it worked :+).

Since then 20103 has had a bash on the drivers side rear and no longer sports a fleet number on this side. Bruce saw an unidentified B10 on L13 today with no fleet numbers - this was 20111, however 20111/120/123 do have the fleet number on the back under the rear window.

Now back to my original question, here are a couple of suggestions not to be taken too seriously. L = Lackadaisical : Lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest; languid ? OR L = Lazy : averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent ?

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