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Sunday 28th September 2008 ~ This Is Not Just An X1...

This is an M & S X1 : Good job this wasn't at Showbus !

The advert plasterer paid a visit today, but with Vancouver Avenue garage locked up he turned his attentions to the compound at Rowan Road. We now have a posse of buses advertising the fact that "M&S King's Lynn is now bigger and better". 20500 didn't escape as seen here, it has the ads on both sides as do 20120, 20131 and 20352. The drivers side of 20508 and passenger side of 20142 were also adorned. At least it means one of the Profiles can be identified at a distance now. 20503 somehow escaped being treated, perhaps due to the layer of dirt on it, 20500 & 20503 were Saturday nights late arrivals and hadn't been washed as a result.

Back on the X1 there was a fair amount of late running today, up to 15 minutes in some cases. 20103/105/109/127 were all out in service, incidentally these were all on time !

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