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Sunday September 7th 2008 ~ A Day of Rest

Here are the three Profiles resting at Rowan Road today, alongside 20131.

A thankfully quiet day on X1, 20109 was back and another B10 out was 20107. With only one turn unaccounted for, all the remaining ones were Paragons. 20500/05/06 were spare at Lynn.


ECBusman said...

With P771 XHS, WAO5 UNG/E at the front and WAO5 UNF behind E, what was behind P771 XHS and WAO5 UNG?

Also, are the Profiles that useless when it comes to the feul costs and usage, length of journey and mechanical costs and time, - and, if so, who decided to buy them and why? (especially when the X1/2 routes are meant to be low-floor by the end of the year AND with the whole of First Eastern Counties being forced by Norwich/Norfolk County Council to be 100% low-floor by 2018).

Gerardtcc said...

No, the Profiles are NOT uselsss and I never actually said they were. I suggest you read the blog again.
20105 & 20118 are the hidden buses in the photo.

ECBusman said...

I would like to make a sincere apology about the Profiles usage on the comment shown above, the only real reason I wrote that quite harsh comment is because of the fact that we had originally a whole bunch of Plaxton Premiere bodied Volvo B10Ms sent second-hand back in the late 1990s which were brought for the Excel Express routes. Anyway, to continue, in 2002-3, First brought a bunch of 10 Brand Spanking new Plaxton Paragon bodied Volvo B12Bs for the sole purpose of putting the on the X94 route to replace and dis-place the existing B10Ms onto Driver Trainer Contracts and let up the existing Leyland Nationals/Lynxs for scrap. Since then, the routes and timetables have been updated and with the 2008 brand new arrivals of the 17 Volvo B9TLs set to replace all of the existing vehicles on the X1 fleet (Yep, I know - heard it all before
mate, I know)
Now, with the expectance of the new vehicles arriving just aound the corner, I didn't really see the point of buying up the 3 Profiles, sending them down here and for them to replace 2 of the 3, brand new to us, B12Ms - especially, since their arrival, they have done next to nothing on the service side until reently, - and have 1. sat in the yard doing nothing, 2. has spent more time in the depot with different troubles and are, apparently, less fuel effecient than the other coaches. For these 3 recent arrivals to replace 3 hard-working favourable workhorses (figure of speech) seems, no offence, a little waste of time and money/profit, not that, like you rightly pointed out earlier, they are completely useless - or, for that matter, pointless. Well, you know the situation by now, why did First buy them when they were not clearly needed (that's what I don't understand mate)? The only problem was that I saw the information on this blog and took it out on you, - which I am really truly sorry about. I should'ave either kept my mouth shut or talk to someone at First (not that they are interested in talking to me). I just hope that you aren't too angry, upset, dis-appointed, unhappy etc with me and we can still be good friends. Sorry mate.

Some information for you mate, 4.50pm today, I saw N603 APU coming out of James Paget Hospital, no problem with any of that - until I turned onto Brasenose Avenue via coming back from Lowestoft College and saw Caister Road based P766 XHS, with with a 55 reg Volvo B-something behind it, arriving at the traffic lights, going the same way as 20103. Either 20103 was late, 20126 was early (unlikely) or both.

Gerardtcc said...

Yes 20103 was late on L13 and Y21 following was 20126. Thanks Terence. G