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Friday 16th January 2009 ~ Farewell 111 !

20111 at King's Lynn last August enjoying a wash and brush up.
Grahame Bessey posted on the EAB Group this morning that our beloved 20111 has left and in fact has arrived at First Hants & Dorset's Portswood (Southampton) depot repainted this week. It only received a repaint in 2007 so this is a little surprising. Its final working on an X1 appears to have been on December 27th when I travelled on it (see blog for that date).

Despite not being back to full health, Bruce paid a visit to King's Lynn today and reports "At Rowan Road at 11.00 were - and I quote from the paper in the windscreens - 20506 (delicensed), 20141(out of fleet),20121 (out of fleet), 20505 (delicensed is crossed out - now out of fleet), 20120 (Crankcase broken - and 'steering wheel loose' chalked on the inside of the screen), 20118 (4 contract). Scrappers were 34923,34946, 34822, 34951,30235,34955 and behind them 34876 hiding from Gerard. 65528 remains broken.
Leaving Rowan I met 20103 on the Saddlebow roundabout at 11.16 on what I assumed was L13 10.59 to Peterborough.
Visiting Vancouver Avenue 20351 was present, masking a mystery vehicle on No1 Servicing bay. I think it was a coach, possibly another B7, but wouldn't swear to it, as I didn't recognise it at all!!!! (Think you'll find it is 20353, been there for a few days now. G)
Going back to Rowan Road later, I met 20131 on Saddlebow Roundabout at 12.55 arriving with what I thought was L12 and going like a train. 20118 had departed Rowan so I retraced my steps to meet 37576 on the Saddlebow Roundabout at 12.58 with the real L12. Which means 20131 was J11, a touch late!
If 20120 really has a broken crankcase, which would explain the continual overheating, it is a new engine job. and there was no sign of the man preparing the B12s for departure for the third week running so no progress on 20506"
Thanks for that Bruce, nice to see 20131 coming to the rescue. Kieron says a B7 (from the above almost certainly 20351) was out on Hunstanton services late this afternoon and was in line to do the 17.05 ex Lynn.
John W says "Just to say that I could not understand your comment re no nearside advert panel on the B9s. Surely there is a panel - no dropdown, admittedly, but many ads are not styled for that, or do I need to change my optician ??? !!"
He's quite right as usual of course, in my ignorance I'd assumed that all adverts now have the dropdown addition, but obviously not. Thanks for correcting me John.
Sam says "Sorry to keep asking this but has 34904 gone to scrap as it seems to have disappeared from Rowan for a long time now?" (has been gone for quite some time Sam, but I know not where)
"In use over here today was:34158, 34112, 34111 and K19 was White Elephant 37563 which was my ride home! A few observations made:* A fair turn of speed - but then again the top speed is a short stretch of 50!* Breaks which are VERY strong - hit a 40 and it dropped anchor!* Stop bell which sounds like an old fashioned clock but the green stop sign which shines through the glass is very modern* Impossible to see out of - I was peering out under the ticket machine to try and see what else was in service - the luggage racks/smash screens and what not make you feel like you're in a cage* It had a cold or a blocked trunk or something it didn't half make a lot of snorting/snuffing/grunting/hissing noises. Oh yes, and the seats are f***ing awful I have a bad back from the short 20 mile journey! I must admit they are OK; they would be excellent if they: 1) sorted the speed 2) put some proper seats in! Norwich also have a new "bus wash" someone had washed over the rear fleet number and numberplate to make them visible! Finally 20126 was on the X1 shuttles"
Grahame reports his first B9 experience today with 37572 on K15, returning on 37568. Apart from the lack of legroom his ride was a comfortable one.
Terence says the driver of 20103 on a service 1 to Martham was getting quite agitated tonight when he couldn't depart due to rampaging fault lights on the dashboard. He also saw 20107 on an X1 arriving between 16.00 & 16.30.
Rob B reports : 20352 on K3 0654 Wis - Lft dep 0657 ; 37568 K1 0701 Wis - Pbo arr 0700 dep 0704 and showed a good turn of speed down the A47, this must be one of the 62mph lot. Unidentified B9 on the 0648 PB - LS on time through Guyhirn. Finally 37572 - AU58ECW is on the 2318 Pbo - KL (K15) departed Pbro railway stn 1 late with me on it !". Well Rob shows that K15 was 37572 all day as that was what Grahame reported earlier.

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