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Monday 12th January 2009 ~ The Power Of Advertising

Today was a bizarre sort of day. To begin with 20351 was K1 07.48 Peterborough - Lowestoft and this is the first time K1 has had one of these. Cheryl saw B10 20118 on K6 about 10 late going to Peterborough and again late by the same margin returning. Tonight 118 had somehow got onto K4 and was on time from Wisbech at 17.01. May be it came off K6 at Lynn or alternatively it may have turned round at Yarmouth.

The B9s enjoyed their filthiest day so far with the first appreciable rain for several weeks giving them an added coat of grime. 37579 was shocking when it went by me on Y8 09.48 ex Peterborough. Y9 06.32 from Yarmouth turned up with 20107 which was a surprise considering B10s have been noticeable by their absence recently. The 11.18 ex Peterborough (J11) passed me with what appeared to be 37576 with a new ad on the side which appeared to say 'Here Today Gone Tomorrow !' . So the Geminis are going then ? After picking myself up off the floor, I realised it was not quite what it seemed and turned out to be a new ad for Cadbury Creme Eggs. Well after all Easter is near, it being January 12th and all that. May be it was trying to tell us that the Geminis are only here until Easter ? Anyway its James Bond film ad removed, 576 I think it was. During the day 37567/570/577 also appeared with the same ad. 37569 was right time on the 12.01 Wisbech - Peterboro' (Y14). 37577 was K15 at lunchtime, but tonight this turn was 37571. 37577 also turned up tonight but instead of being K15, it was now on Y9 instead of 20107. The B9 on K2 16.31 Wisbech - Peterborough was bang on time, while K4 17.01 westbound was 37578 10 late. K7 16.18 ex Peterborough was also 10 late with 37567 which Sam had seen earlier on the X2. Other B9s seen today were 37574 on K16 and 37570 on L13.

Going back to the X2 and Sam says "The 10:08 was White Elephant 37567 AU58ECF - while passing 47201 eastbound at Thurton at 09:12 was 20104 showing X2 Norwich - was this the 06:53 from Lowestoft but it didn't get there in time to do the 09:15from Beccles (or have the morning workings changed please?) and 37567 was sent out in its place? 37575 AU58ECZ was also out on the 15:08 from Lowestoft X2 which is the one which goes back onto the X1". All in all an interesting day then !


Anonymous said...

20115 is now at yarmouth on loan its vor its smashed up driver didnt realize he hit a traffic light coz the side door flap came open we have lost 20123 its gone sumwhere else maybe scrap or maybe duffields you have your wonderful 20104 back now haha we have our lovely 20126 back

Gerardtcc said...

Yes heard 115 had got to Yarmouth. I've seen B10s with the side flap open before, nearly decapitated a cyclist once ! Interesting that 20123 has gone at last. I will have to check at Lynn.