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Wednesday 31st December 2008 ~ Buses Run To Time Shock !

It has taken all year, but today the X1 timetable ceased to be a work of fiction and almost everything seen by myself and Bruce was either on time or early. I was at our South Lincolnshire branch, but went via Wisbech and saw K1 07.48 ex Peterborough which was once again 3 minutes early, 37575 the culprit. Y8 the first service from Yarmouth was on time with 37578. Bruce then reports the following : K2 20105, K4 37573, K6 Unid B9, Y8 37578, Y9 37569 (early ), J10 37571, J11 missed, L12 20109, L13 37565, Y14 37570, K15 missed, K16 37564, K17 20351, K18 37574, K3 missed, K5 unid B7.
So 37570 is back on the road then after its gearbox problem, but no sign of 37572.
In conclusion thanks to everyone who has contributed to the blog this year, especially to Bruce for his long vigils and I hope you all have a Happy and Peaceful 2009. Gerard

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