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Tuesday January 13th 2009 ~ Troubled Waters

The day began badly with a water main leak in Peterborough which delayed K1 07.48 from the City by 17 minutes. 37570 was the bus on duty. All three Profiles were out today, 20353 was K3, 20351 came from Yarmouth on the first turn of the day and Jamie R travelled on it from Wisbech. Dave from Swindon made a rare return to East Anglia today and between testing various local beers saw an unidentified B7 on K17, so by elimination - and later confirmation from a gradually recovering Bruce - it was 20352.
More creme egg advertising now adorns 37575 which was K18 today. I hadn't realised until this week that these vehicles can only host adverts on the drivers side, as the passenger side doesn't have the requisite panels.
Apart from the early delay to K1, punctuality was exemplary today. 37576 was early into Wisbech on the 09.39 to Lowestoft (K4) and it was also a good deal cleaner than yesterday. Highlight of the day belongs to 20103 which was on time on K16 09.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough and 13.48 return.
B9s not seen today were 37563/65/67/77/79. Turns not accounted for were K2, J11, K19, K20 & Y21 so apart from K19, the others would be expected to be B9s.

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