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Tuesday 20th January 2009 ~ Well I Never !

The B9s had a good day again today. The light traffic this evening saw some early running, I think this is partly accounted for because in the early days the speed restriction applied to the new buses meant they had to be driven hard. Now with the 62mph max, things are much easier but they seem to be driven just as hard ! The late runners on the Peterborough road this evening are an example. The 21.59 from Lynn (K15) with 37573 was 1 minute early at Walpole Highway -doesn't initially sound impressive, but the schedule is rarely met by anything - while the corresponding eastbound service L13 21.18 Peterborough - Lynn was 4 early with 37571. This is not to say that the day went without incident as Bruce saw 37564 at around 12.45 heading for Lynn eastbound at Eau Brink with 'not in service' on the front. J11 running late and empty it would appear. The next service (L12) 11.48 ex Peterborough managed to be dead on time with 37575.
Geminis seen in action today wre K1 :569, K4 579, K6 574, K7 578, Y9 570, J10 567, L13 571 and Y14 563. Profiles out were as usual on K3 (unid) and K17 (351). The B10s are still acting as stand ins although the only one seen today was 20104 on K16 again.

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