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Wednesday 7th January 2009 ~ Just Another Day

Today's title heading is the only one I could think of to describe a very normal sort of day. 37572 returned to traffic yesterday. It was on repairs at Yarmouth overnight and came out today on Y8 06.02 to Peterborough on which it was 12 late departing Wisbech. Tonight it was still on Y8 being seen on time as the 18.48 from Peterborough. In fact timekeeping was excellent today, take K2 08.18 ex P'bo which was 37579, 4 late this morning arriving at Wisbech, but on time tonight as the 16.31 to P'bo (a very rare occurence in recent times). 37566 did J10 06.40 from Gorleston, but tonight was on K20 17.17 Norwich - P'bo. A single B10 was recorded today, this being 20103 on time with K16 13.01 Wisbech - Peterborough. B9s seen today were 37566/569/570/571/572/576-579 inclusive.

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