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Friday 9th January 2009 ~ Long Distance Sore Bums

Sounds like the sort of headline we could have used when the Scanias were plying forth to and from Lowestoft in recent years doesn't it ? Fair enough, we know that very few passengers who use the X1 actually do the full journey from Peterborough to Lowestoft, but those who do over about 20 miles on a Gemini must notice the pain in the glutus maximus ? I'm sorry but i just don't buy the theory that they are new, shiny AND comfortable. If the return to coaches does take place I'm sure the comfort aspect will improve.
20104 was out at lunchtime for the first time for a while. It was 5 late on K18 10.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough. K1 07.48 Peterborough to Lowestoft was seen with 37579, 3 mins late at Walton Highway, but the return working, the 12.25 from Lowestoft was just a few minutes late this afternoon with 37573. 37579 then came back on K2 12.55 ex Lowestoft and was 10 late returning east tonight. K4 was 37568 tonight instead of a B7.
Sam reports 20103 on K19 and 20107 also out on X2. He had a surprise on his journey home however : " 20352 (15:38 from Norwich) - on which I sat behind the wheelchair contraption - the isle seat seatbelt was jammed so had to sit next to the window - then which a rather large lady pretty much sat on me! And wouldn't keep still - she finally got off at Gillingham - was hoping she would have gone and sat next to her husband when the seat next to him became free at Loddon! Engine noise and speed was ok - it rolled back trying to pull out of Norwich bus station (I remember a B12 doing that once?) one problem was the whole front end of the bus kept rattling - quite what it was I don't have the foggiest! Also when I got off it said on the dash (with a little light saying "Check") "Check light controller at next stop" all the lights seemed to be working however?". Yes I have to admit Sam, my journey on 20351 last week was only marred by the rattling at the front - possibly the ticket machine, but I'm guessing here.

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