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Sunday 4th January 2009 ~ Prolific B7s

Unusual today was the use of all three B7s on turns from Lynn. Geminis out were 37566/573/5/8/9. 37574 was supposed to work the 11.59 Lynn - Peterborough, but it was failed with an adblu fault and after a delay 37564 was supplied instead. This was 27 minutes late into Wisbech. 37572 is still at Rowan Road out of service and also there tonight were 37570, 20505/6, 20103/105/109/118/121/131/141. Of these 20505/6 & 20141 are awaiting transfer to Scotland and 20121 has not worked since before Xmas so is also presumed ready to depart. Tonight 118 had 'X1 Norwich' on the blinds, while 20109/131 were both showing X1 Lowestoft !
At Vancouver Avenue over the pits were 37576, 20106/120, while spare here were 20126 - this one showing X1 Peterborough - and 37571/4.

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