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Tuesday 27th January 2009 ~ Coastal Profiles

Monday's weather was dismal. This picture of 20353, back in service on K17 09.55 ex Lowestoft was taken at 13.22 as it entered Walton Highway.
37579 waits time at Wisbech before working as the 06.54 Wisbech - Lowestoft (K3) this morning. Photo by Rob Brooks.

20351 entering Wisbech on a Lowestoft bound X1. Photo : Rob Brooks

Two of the three B7s ended up at the eastern end of operations overnight and this morning found 20352 on J10 06.40 from Gorleston, seen leaving Wisbech 4 minutes late, 90 minutes later and 20353 appeared on L13 07.45 from Lowestoft. It was 6 late returning from Peterborough. 20351 was also in action on K17, one of the regular B7 turns, this was marginally early at Walpole Highway at lunchtime.
K3 which usually gets a B7 was 37579, see Rob's picture above for which many thanks mate. This afternoon 579 was seen soon after departure from Wisbech running 2 minutes early. 37575 has a large crack in the upstairs front window and this was K1 today. Other B9s seen today were 37563/4/5/8/9, 37571/2/3/5/7/8/9. Of the absentees, one was K4, while Y9 and K18 were not viewed. Terence saw 20107 in use on a shuttle. Worst timekeeper seen today was K6 16.59 Lynn - Peterborough with 37568 which was 14 late at Walpole tonight.
Rob Horspole has drawn my attention to the reason for the delay to Y9 last Thursday evening. According to the Fenland Citizen website, vandals attacked the bus at Walton Highway. For the full story go to

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