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Thursday 8th January 2009 ~ Everyone's Talking About It !

Bingo ! Yes one for the purists - it's trusty 20107 seen arriving at Wisbech bus station on Monday 5th on the 12.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft.

37579 nears Walpole Highway working the 11.18 Sunday Peterborough - Lowestoft on 4th Jan. Objections to the B9s carrying advertising were rejected on revenue grounds, even though this obscures the route branding.

37564 after arrival at Peterborough Rail Station on my jaunt of Friday 2nd January, the white paintwork complete with a layer of A47 winter grime.

Just after Christmas, one of the staff at Lynn proffered the advice that 'They reckon these deckers wont be here long'. Last Friday, a friend with connections in high places in 'First' sent me a text proclaiming triumphantly 'The Deckers Are Going !' This made me think seriously as said friend is not one to spread unfounded rumours, then today another very reliable source confirmed that consideration is being given to exchanging them for another coach fleet. Finally this evening another friend greeted me with 'Have you Heard - They Reckon They're Going ?'. Nothing concrete here of course, but so many independent sources coming up with the same story cannot be ignored. I think I'll have to get the camera out to preserve them for posterity in case it does turn out to be a shortlived phenomenon.
Ironically, this apparent change of heart comes at a time when the B9s are performing better than ever in terms of timekeeping. Recent complaints from the public have focused on their poor heating capability and this is to be reset - probably just in time for Spring !
This morning's contingent sent out from Lynn comprised eight B9s, the three B7s and two B10s. Surprisingly 20103 was one of these, it having been noted on K16 yesterday which finishes at Lowestoft. This means it may have come off the latter at Lynn. Today it did K19, but tonight 20126 looked to have returned on this diagram. 20109 was the other B10 which did K20 to Norwich and return light. Tonight though 109 was wearing a different hat when it departed from Lynn at 21.45 eastbound en route to perform rail replacement work. The three Profiles predictably did K3, K4 and K17 - these were the favourite turns for these when they first arrived, but since then availability has seldom allowed all three diagrams to be B7s.
One of the most annoying aspects of B9 operation which I've hitherto neglected to mention is the regular failure of the rear numberplate lights. This minor ailment has resulted in frequent swaps after dark when the lack of this has become apparent. Tonight 37570 was failed for this very reason whilst working Y9 19.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft. 37578 which had just arrived on an incoming service was summoned from Vancouver Avenue garage, but due to severe congestion here was driven to the bus station via Tennyson Avenue and Gaywood Road. It eventually left about 20 minutes late as the 20.42 to Lowestoft. 37566 seemed to be another numberplate light casualty - it was in the garage with X1 Lowestoft on the front and was driven unwashed on to the pits. 37574 replaced 20109 on K20 this afternoon.
Other B10s at Lynn this evening were 20105 (Schools contract 4), 20106 (Schools contract 2), 20118 (off 41) and 20131. 20120 was still over pit 1 at the garage. It has lost its M&S advert on the passenger side and speaking of adverts, 20126 is now extolling the virtues of Wilkinsons new Gorleston branch on both sides ! The eagle eyed may be wondering why 20109 was sent out for rail replacement work this evening when 20106 in the rail link pool was available. This may be because 20106 failed at Littleport with an air leak late on Tuesday evening.
Today's Gemini sightings : 37563-579 inclusive !!!!! Yes honestly - no wonder poor Bruce is ill ! Hurry up and get better Brucey, we are missing your witty repartee.
Scotland bound 20121/141/505/506 were still all languishing at Rowan Road tonight.

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