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Saturday 3rd January 2009 ~ The Choice

I think few of us would have predicted that on Saturdays in 2009 with only 18 turns to supply buses for, that B10s would still be going strong.
Today we had 20103 on Y14 12.01 Wisbech - Peterborough and this was followed by 20109 on the 12.31 (K15). The latter was a substitution as this turn had begun the day with 37579, however, this came back from Lowestoft on K5 instead of 37570. 20127 was also a rare performer, it worked K18 this morning from Wisbech to Lowestoft.
Noteworthy was the use of all three B7s, 20351 on Y8, the first turn from Yarmouth and 20352 on K4 (the early bath turn), plus 20353 on K7. Services ran pretty much to time today and Geminis seen were 37564/7/8, 37570/1/5/6/7/9.

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