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Sunday 25th January 2009 ~ The Mystery of 37566

Michael rang this evening to report his K19 sightings for the week. Namely Monday 20105, Tuesday not seen, Wednesday 20105, Thursday 20104 and Friday 37563. At least this explained what 563 did on Friday after it arrived at Lowestoft on K16. The X2 which departs at 14.08 from Lowestoft to Norwich was 20351 on Thursday and 20104 (originally on K19) on Friday. His most surprising sighting though was at 16.00 on Tuesday afternoon when the missing 37566 was seen on the Bungay bypass heading towards Diss.
Today the nine diagrams on X1 were all Geminis (37563/4/7/9/71/2/4/5/7). Of these 37564 was almost 5 early into Walpole Highway with the 17.18 from Peterborough and this evening 37567 was 7 late on the 19.59 Lynn - Peterborough. Tonight 37563 failed at Lynn for the 20.59 to Peterborough and 20352 took over the turn on the inward at Vancouver Avenue.
Spare vehicles at Lynn tonight were 20103/06/07/09/18/31, 37570/78 and the three Profiles. 20105 was on MOT preparation at the garage.


Sam Wickham said...

RE: 37566 it could have been on Bungay Schools 178/9 if in service; if not I believe there's a bodywork/paint shop over at Diss?

Gerardtcc said...

Yes I think it might have gone to RH Bodyworks for some reason, which is where the Paragons were repainted. The schools trip is also a good theory. Thanks Sam.