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Friday 23rd January 2009 ~ Scanias and Schools

Due to the saga of schoolkids and seatbelts, Lynn found themselves short this morning. Unable to use a B10 on K4 07.29 to Peterborough due to three being sidelined for Hunstanton schools and with Profiles 20351/3 not available, Scania 65525 was sent out. It was replaced at some point during the day (possibly at 16.29 by 37563) and tonight came in on a 41 from Hunstanton. K1 06.29 Lynn - Peterborough was 37574 which was 3 early at Walton Highway, however K1 tonight was around 20 late when viewed by Bruce at Walsoken now with 37573. 37574 turned up at Lynn tonight and six of the seven terminating arrivals here between 18.24 & 20.24 were : 37565/569 (Y8)/574/575/579 (J11) and 20103.
Sam reports "Latest rumour is the Royales are going to be X1 spare... will believe it when I see it! 20103 on shuttles at 12 (well was in bus station with X1 Norwich on front). In use on X2 was:34111 34112 60306 20104 (which was on the 14:08 from Low this always used to be the Dart turn when B10Ms were the norm)" . From this then it looks as though 20103 was Y21. K19 out of Lynn this morning was 20104.
There were other B10Ms out today too, most surprising was Y9 being 20118 all day - I had expected it to be swapped at Lynn before doing the 20.42 to Lowestoft. Another stalwart was 20107 on L13 07.45 from Lowestoft and again this did the full turn.
I was amazed to see K16 12.59 Lynn - Peterborough arrive at Wisbech on time with 20351 at lunchtime, but this was explained by the fact it had replaced 37563 at Lynn. The other B7 20353 is back in bits at Lynn depot and alongside it is 20105 on MOT prep.
The B10s on Hunstanton schools today were 20106 (5), 20131 (4) and 20109.
Geminis seen in service were 37563 K16 (off at Lynn at 12.54, see above), 37564 K6, 37567 K5, 37568 Y14. 37569 Y8, 37570 K7, 37571 K20, 37572 K3, 37573 K1b (see above), 37574 K1a then returned to Lynn on unknown turn, 37576 K2, 37577 K18, 37578 K15 and 37579 J11. With 37565/575 also out on unknown turns, this just leaves 37566 unaccounted for.
Bruce says no further work has taken place on the Scottish bound contingent at Lynn since before Christmas. The engineer has in fact been otherwise occupied at Yarmouth. 20505 is ready to go, but 20120/141 are unfit and 20506 needs about another days work on it. 20121 will just need a check over before departure.

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