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Saturday 10th January 2009 ~ Elephantine Domination

For the first time I have been aware, King's Lynn sent out all Geminis this morning. The full list was : K1 563, K2 577, K3 578, K4 572, K5 568, K6 567, K7 574, K15 571, K16 566, K17 575 and K18 569. Of the three B7 profiles 20351 was at Rowan Road seemingly spare, 20352 was seen by Keiron on Y9 and 20353 was an arrival from the coast, believed to be J10. Other turns were Y8 : 564 and Y14 565. L12 looked like it was 579. J11 was seen arriving at Lynn tonight with an unidentified B9 (thought to be 573) to complete the picture. So no B10s out on the X1 at all today, though 20106/109/118 were all out on the Hunstanton route. 20103/105 were at Rowan Road and 20120 is still under repair at Vancouver Avenue.
37571 had to pull in to the depot tonight to top up with adblu whilst working the 20.59 Lynn - Peterborough, it left the garage together with its two passengers at about 21.15.

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