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Sunday 18th January 2009 ~ No Comment

No matter how hard I tried , I was unable to come up with a title for today's blog. After all what can you say when all services seem to run to time and they are all Geminis ?
Out today were 37563/66/67/70/71/72/73/75/78. Just when I thought we'd accounted for all the B9s with the Cadburys ad, it transpires that 573 has one too. I'm sure it didn't have one midweek but there you go.
20131 mentioned yesterday must have been at Hunstanton when I called in at Lynn as it was at the compound tonight with 40 on the front. 37563/75/78 all came into Lynn last night, one on J10, one on L12 and another on Y14 instead of 37568.
One final note, Bruce reported J11 20.18 ex Peterborough running 7 early last night with a B9 !

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