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Before the Volvo B10Ms

In one of our occasional looks back at the history of the X1 route and its precursors, Jim Long takes us back to 1997 with a look at a couple of the Leyland Tigers which were still then used on the X94 alongside the new B10M coaches.

On August 27th 1999, B10M coach 20123, which was scrapped a couple of months back, was looking very smart when Jim Long photographed her at the James Paget Hospital on an X94. So let's look at what the B10Ms replaced................

Note the Excel logo in the right window, Leyland Tiger F613 XWY stands in Norwich Surrey Street bus station on May 3rd 1997. [ J Long]

and here is sister vehicle F614 XWY standing in King's Lynn bus station after a fling to Hunstanton on February 22nd 1997. Photo Jim Long.

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