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Friday June 10th 2011 ~ All Manner of Surprises

37567 departs Lowestoft for Peterborough on L12 07.45 departure this morning : Photo from Grahame Bessey
Well whatever next, I am told by one of my Yarmouth chaps that First's ancient Olympian 34333 (H132FLX) is King's Lynn bound, to, wait for it, cover a Norfolk Green schools contract !! Best not to ask why me thinks.
Speaking of Norfolk Green, they are big news at the moment of course as it is this weekend that they take over the King's Lynn local services from 'First'. On Sunday they are hoping to use some vintage vehicles on a free relief service to Hunstanton. WNG864H (ex Eastern Counties RLE864) was for several years a King's Lynn bus and in the early 1970s was a regular sight on the King's Lynn to Peterborough /Hunstanton runs. RS658, KVF658E was at one time allocated to Wisbech (or may be it was March) and often worked the 354 between the two towns. The other vehicle is Bristol LKD OVF229. This decker has no Lynn connection as far as I'm aware, but sister vehicle OVF227 (long since scrapped) was a stalwart on the 39s to South Wootton between 1969 & 1972.
Now being on local television and in the newspapers is one thing that the X1 blog can claim, but how about this for recognition ? Norfolk Green have named their Optare Tempo YJ59 NNZ (fleet number 107) 'ANDY JAMES' in recognition of Andy's own blog which is a good publicity vehicle for NG amongst others. Congratulations to Andy and here are some pictures he has taken of the bus proudly wearing his name :

Well that takes a bit of beating I'm sure you'll agree, but I've another revelation to come in tomorrow's blog which again proves that bus enthusiasts can be a useful aid to the industry.
Well, I'm sorry if all this is a bit off topic as it were, but when 80 years of Eastern Counties history ends, it is definitely worth featuring. Now though to today's X1 news.........
The service today was provided by 37563 - 576 inclusive, plus 37578 and B7s 37156/7/9/60. Finding itself spare at Lowestoft yet again, 37158 was utilised on the X2 being seen working the 14.38 departure to Norwich. 37579 and coach 20352 were spare at King's Lynn garage today after maintenance.
For a Friday, timekeeping was pretty fair - worst performer noted by me at Wisbech was 37157 on K16 which managed to be 14 late for the 13.48 Peterborough departure.
Des reports an unusual incident whilst driving 37565 on L8 21.35 King's Lynn to Lowestoft tonight .."When alighting at East Winch a young man handed me a Samsung mobile phone that had been left on the lower deck back seat. I switched the phone to 'silent'. Not to evade the owner phoning, but it can be quite distracting having someones lost phone ringing away while you drive. At Norwich a young couple, clutching an X1 timetable, asked if I had been handed a Samsung mobile phone. They had come all the way from Lynn to retrieve something that I may not have had. Though, in the main, most people are honest, there are those that would have just walked off with anything that they find on the bus!!". Ah nice to get a good honest tale Des, he adds "Petrol update - 133.9 - Tesco Low, 132.9 Sains Nor, 134.9 Sains Easton and 135.9 Tesco Lynn".
37568 receives some TLC from Ryan tonight. Photo Des Speed

K5 (37574) and L11 (37573) after arrival at King's Lynn this evening. Photo from Des Speed

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