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Saturday June 4th 2011 ~ Fenland Diversion

Due to a fatal accident this afternoon at the eastern end of Thorney bypass, the section to Guyhirn was closed and several services were diverted via Parson Drove and I am told, Leverington Common. Des worked the L12 14.02 King's Lynn to Lowestoft with 37568. He says "We were 22 late from Lynn at 14.24 and arrived Yarmouth 8 late at 16.33, just as L11 in front with 37159 was loading passengers for Lowestoft. Earlier, L10 13.02 King's Lynn to Lowestoft left on time, while 37159 left at 14.05, 33 late.
Y13 14.32 Lynn to Lowestoft would have been delayed by the diversion and as this forms the 17.40 arrival at Lowestoft and and 17.48 return departure. The driver of L11 13.32 ex Lynn then takes the 17.48 ex Lowestoft.  I guess the earliest he could have arrived at Lowestoft would be 17.15, so the earliest he could leave would be 18.00, If he had a bus!!".
The return of L11 was worked by the Lowestoft spare bus which was 37567, while Y13 had to wait for 37158 to come in and then return to Peterborough. It was 18 late through Walpole on the 21.08 to Peterborough'
Coach 20126 was having its alternator sorted in Vancouver Avenue garage all day today while 20352 worked K3. 37156 was noted at Dereham on K18 by Malcolm, still with its noisy fan.

20352 heads back home on the 17.35 Peterborough to King's Lynn this evening. By this time, services were running punctually again.

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