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Thursday 16th June 2011 ~ What an Advert ?

The men whose job it is to plaster our buses with adverts were about on Monday night. Obviously with a plan to target as many X1 vehicles as possible, they managed to place an advert for 'The Click Card' on the nearside of 17 of our buses. This leaves 37577 with its 'Deadspace' ad (not changed as it is in Full Circle for continuing repairs),  37156 is the only X1 bus still retaining the Three Smart Phone ad and the remaining three are still wearing Easy Jet ads. On the offside the majority have an ad for the, by all accounts, distinctly forgettable film 'Bad Teacher' , while 37157, 37564/7/8/79 have a new one for 'Pandora'. This leaves 37563 with 'Fast & Furious 5' and 37574 with 'BT Springwatch Offers'. 37577 was last seen with an ad for 'Rio'.
37563/67/78 are the only three without rear ads and nearly all have one of two differing versions for AXA insurance. 37564 has a Swiftcover ad, 37566/8 Confused.Com which is also still thought to be on 37577. Ok that's the end of the adverts !
37158 was back at work today and was used on K18 06.51 Wisbech to Lowestoft, a regular B7 turn. For some reason at Lowestoft it was switched for 37157 and 37158 then had an outing on the X2 at 12.08 to Norwich.
37575 & 37565 did a maintenance swap on Y9 at King's Lynn, while 37574 went to Volvo at Norwich for gearbox modifications.
Marcus, Matthew, Paul and Richard all reported seeing 20352 on K3 today at various points on the route. Paul was travelling on the A47 and kindly sent in all his sightings including seeing 37158 returning on the 13.40 X2 from Norwich.
Andy James reports some new Geminis arriving at Norwich for use on Route 25, see his blog here :

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