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Monday June 6th 2011 ~ The Mystery of K3

It is not very often these days, thanks to our team of regular correspondents, where an X1 turn evades us all completely. This was sort of the case today when K3 with its regular vehicle of the moment, Profile coach 20352, was failed at Thorney on the 08.05 from Peterborough with defective wipers. What replaced it is unknown, but 37566 & 37570 were serviced at King's Lynn today, so it may well have been one of these.
The first signs of the transfer of all the X1 Geminis to Lynn occurred today when K19 was allocated 37569.
K2 had 20126 all day today and it seemed well behaved. With 37157 seen spare in Lowestoft bus station by Malcolm, it was surprising that it continued on the 12.25 from Lowestoft.

Passengers board 20126 at King's Lynn before departure at 15.45 to Peterborough. c} Syd Eade
 Syd says " Visited King's Lynn today, but a bit of a disaster. As we wanted to visit Ipswich as well, we arrived by train instead of X1. Bad move as track circuit problems around Littleport caused a delay on the 1052 from Ely, arriving 45 minutes late at Downham Market. The train was then TERMINATED!!! This was just so it could go back on time. Everyone was just dumped onto the platform to wait for the next train which was also 50 minutes late. Can you imagine the outcry if an X1 bus did that and turned round at Wisbech with no following service, simply to regain time and leaving passengers stranded for nearly an hour ?  Just to add to the incompetence, the return train missed the 5 minute connection at Ely with the Ipswich train ( 8 minutes late ) so we had to go via Cambridge with a further 90 minute time penalty. No more trains to Kings Lynn for me. Oh and back on the X1, as you can tell from the photo something isn't right.  It came in heading for Peterborough, then parked on the Lowestoft stand for a driver change.  We couldnt wait to see what was going on as we were catching the 1554 train. I had suspicions that a swop was about to occur, and maybe it hadnt arrived from Lowestoft as no through passengers were on board. Hopefully you will be able to sort it out!!"
Well it looks as though it did run through Syd, so may be a quiet time for through passengers ?
37573 has still not returned to service and is still believed to be out of service at Lowestoft. 37577 which we've not mentioned for a while, is still at 'Full Circle' receiving accident repairs.

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