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In Days Gone By

Jim Long kindly sent these pictures of when you could catch a bus from Peterborough to Ipswich. He writes "Thought you may be interested in some of Eastern Counties buses that use to ply between Peterboro & Ipswich on the 792 service back in the 80's - they even used National mk1's and old Leopards too. I have a funny feeling that some of the VR's were based at Newmarket,so they may have only gone as far as Cambridge, where passengers had to change,but, the coaches used to go right through, I did the trip several times".

VR268 as Cambus no. 741. Ipswich 16th February 1986. {J Long}

VR298 as Cambus 751 on Norwich Road in Ipswich. December 15th 1985. Jim Long

VR300 as Cambus fleet number 743 photographed at Ipswich on December 21st 1985.
Of course, you could still get the train from Peterborough to Ipswich in those days too, probably on a Cravens or Met Cam twin dmu.

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