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Saturday 18th June 2011 ~ Local Working

I had to drop a friend at Walpole Highway for the X1 this morning, so I decided to have a trip to Wisbech and back. My prediction for L11 was correct, i.e. that it would be a B7 and therefore be late. A young lady waiting at the bus stop was making use of modern technology and was able to tell us when the bus was in the vicinity, thanks to her having a friend on board. 37158 was the charge and it arrived about 6 minutes late. It soon became clear though that the driver was not for dawdling and we enjoyed a good fast trip into Wisbech. At this point the Heavens opened and then L8 with 37573 appeared, again a little late, but with Mr. Speed at the wheel. Again we made good progress and arrival at Walpole was only a few minutes behind schedule. I popped to see Bruce and we found ourselves waiting to view L9 which was 37157 and eventually Y13 which was 12 late with 37569.

37569 on Y13 with friendly driver heads for Peterborough at lunchtime.
There didn't seem to be any swaps today and an all low floor affair was scuppered by 20352 - you've guessed it - on K3.

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