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Thursday 9th June 2011 ~ That White Coach

A bit of a stir on the East Anglian Buses Yahoo Group today when a white coach was spotted on the X1. Now come on guys, you've not been reading your X1 blog. Andy explained all thank goodness and guess what ? Yes that fine white coach - described by my brother-in-law as that old white bus (!) - was out again today, but not as expected on K3. Instead it was on K4, a Yarmouth teminator, but not for long. At some point it was changed at Lynn for 37568, the latter was seen coming out of Vancouver Avenue garage at 17.05 complete with passengers on board. It was 17 late at Walton Highway.
Over at Lowestoft both Malcolm and Michael B reported 37158 on the 08.03 Lowestoft - Norwich and 09.40 return. It subsequently worked the 11.08 & 14.08 ex Lowestoft and possibly the 17.08 too.
Timekeeping was very hit and miss today after a good day yesterday. K2 08.21 Wisbech to Lowestoft with 37567 was unusually 11 late at Walpole. K5 was 37569 which arrived in Wisbech on the 09.05 from Peterborough a minute early. 37156 on Y7 was 3 late to Peterborough and 12 late returning. 37157 was 14 late eastbound on L11, but after this things improved.
Matthew saw 20126 heading out of Lowestoft around 08.30 this morning, but it didn't appear on a 'through' X1.
Des says "37568 on K4 19.35 King's Lynn to Lowestoft on time. Onlookers must have thought "What is that bus driver doing??" - I pulled into Norwich at 21.10, thought it was a bit dark, pulled onto stand 4. Gate wouldn't open. Dawned on me, it's dark, no electric!! So, I backed, with passengers on onto stand 3, which has no barriers for National Express access to luggage lockers".

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