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Tuesday 7th June 2011 ~ By Accident or Design ?

Either a strange quirk of fate, but more likely a deliberate decision that this evening all the former Lowestoft vehicles congregated at King's Lynn. 37563-9 and 37156/7 were all present with just 37570 & 37571 of the regular B9s in evidence plus, for good measure, Yarmouth's B10M coach 20126.
During the day most services ran fairly well to timetable, but there were lots of swaps, presumably to position all King's Lynn's new acquisitions at their new home come the end of the day. L11, K14 and K16 all had vehicle changes and it looks like K14 changed twice, viz : until 12.07 37569, 12.15 Lynn to Peterborough & return 37157 and 15.02 Lynn to Lowestoft 37159.
At Lowestoft 37576 came in on K2, but 37158 replaced it. It looks like 37567 will be the first of the ex Lowestoft Geminis to amass 300,000 miles. It is currently on just over 295,000.
Michael F reports that 20352 on K3 was involved in an incident in Lowestoft bus station today. A pedestrian was involved, but there was no damage to either coach or person, so all was well and 352 proceeded as usual on the 12.55 to Peterborough.

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