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Wednesday June 1st 2011 ~ Fluctuating Fortunes

37159 photographed at Acle by Grahame Bessey today. It had replaced Scania 65525 at King's Lynn earlier.

Today King's Lynn managed to find 9 Geminis for the 11 turns. This meant K3 ran with coach 20352 and K5 began with Scania 65525 which did a trip to Peterborough and back, before being replaced by freshly serviced 37159.

Unfortunately 37573 on K18 looks to have broken down for a second successive day and at some stage it was replaced by B10M 20126. 65525 was seen by Bruce running 15 late en route to Peterborough and I saw it returning 10 late.
Morning services ran pretty well to time except Y9 with 37575 which was 15 late from Wisbech. Des had 'engine derate' with this and was 7 late into Lynn, so it is not known where the rest of the time was lost. This afternoon 20126 turned up at Wisbech 15 late on K18 and both K15 and K19 were around 10 late eastbound. This afternoon Des reports "westbound services would be held up (15.55 ex Norwich onward), as the A47 was totally closed westbound on the Mattishall roundabout. Iin attendance was a police car and two farm vehicles. It looked to me as if they were trying to recover a large tarpaulin covered carcass from the edge of the roundabout".

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