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Tuesday June 21st 2011 ~ Moans and Groans

We wouldn't be in the real world if the X1 always ran without problems. On Monday, Wilf says L10 (37160) broke down at Wisbech when it failed to restart after passengers had boarded - I haven't seen any other evidence of this incidentally. The driver told passengers who had purchased tickets that refunds could not be given as the next bus was only a short wait away. Wilf missed his train connection at Lynn and went home.
Dave says "Hi Gerard, we were travelling back from Norwich to Yarmouth on the 16.40 departure today and had not long left Acle when the said bus seemed to have suffered either a burst coolant hose or radiator. We all had to disembark and await the arrival of the 16.55 out of Norwich, the photo is not that good as it was  taken with my mobile phone, the time being 17.10 approx'. Enjoy reading your blog as we regularly use the X1 service when we visit Great Yarmouth during the summer". Thanks for that Dave.
X1 regular Doreen was on K17 from Queensgate on Saturday afternoon when she committed the cardinal sin of not holding her senior citizens pass correctly resulting in a rocket from the driver "I've held it that way for ten years" says Doren "There was really no need for him to be quite so aggressive".
Oh well, I suppose considering the number of X1s on the road, we don't get many complaints, but in the interests of fairness I thought I would include these, rare though they are.

Dave's picture of the expired 66126 near Acle today

Today 37156 was spare at Lowestoft and worked the 12.08 & 15.08 X2 services to Norwich. Marcus says that K3 had not been evident at the expected time in Thorney either yesterday or today, but in each case it was 20352. K4 on the other hand had appeared on time on both days.
It was a good day for punctuality with 37158 on L11 11.18 Wisbech to Peterborough 9 late being the poorest of the morning services noted.

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