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Sunday June 19th 2011 ~ No News is Good News

All quiet on the X1 front today, the service was an all B9 affair with the following operating : 37563/5/7/9, 37571/2/3/5/6/9.
The first of the Geminis transferred from Lowestoft to need an MOT is 37566 and this will be sidelined at King's Lynn until Wednesday. The test should take place at Bexwell on Thursday.
A little piece of history was written today when the final four Volvo B7TL deckers left King's Lynn for Braintree. Syd says "This afternoon I had a trip to Kings Lynn to assist the final evacuation of Rowan Road.  At exactly 1400 hrs the last four B7s, 30900-30903 left in reverse numerical order to go to Braintree!  I was the final bus to leave in 30900, no trumpets or crowds of well-wishers were in evidence. The buses made a safe journey to their new home arriving just over two hours later.  The end of another era".

The last four Volvo B7TLs line up at Rowan Road this afternoon. Photo :  Syd Eade

Still no sign of 37577 returning, so 20352 continues to deputise on K3, seen here at King's Lynn on Friday and photographed by Damon.

Such a shame that these never work beyond Norwich on the X1. 34186 worked Thursday's 09.00 Gorleston JPh to Norwich 'short'. Photo from Des Speed.

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