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Tuesday May 31st 2011 ~ Stumbling Blocks

The perils of running a long distance bus service hey ?  King's Lynn were already a bus down first thing when K3 was sent out with Scania 65540. 20352 was still undergoing repairs at this point and 37563 was still blown up from Friday.
Later 37573 expired at Peterborough on K17 resulting in the cancellation of the 15.05 to Lowestoft as far as King's Lynn. Repaired 20352 was then at the ready to work K17 at 16.32 to Lowestoft. 573 was retrieved to King's Lynn where an ECU for its gear selector was replaced. Later 37567 on Y6 was having an air problem and on arrival from Peterborough just before 20.30, was replaced at King's Lynn by 37156 which had just come in on L11.

37156 which had arrived 22 late on L11 was pressed back into action on Y6 20.35 Lynn to Lowestoft tonight. 37567 (left) was taken out of traffic with an air problem.

Punctuality was poor today, an accident affecting the Hardwick roundabout contributed to delays and at the other end, Syd says "Dart 43459 was involved in a collision with an Anglian Scania at Lowestoft railway station". Malcolm adds "43459 was noted being towed past the bus station with rear damage, 37570 arrived 30 minutes late on Y7 and a couple of minutes later 37575 arrived almost on time with L8. 37570 left the bus station 'not in service' so Y7 to Kings Lynn didn't run at this point. 37575 departed on time working L8 to Peterborough. Finally 37571 arrived 10 minutes late on Y9".

In situ since March 8th last year, the overall ad for Bakers & Larners of Holt on the rear of 37570 is now becoming quite worn. 37570 had arrived in Lynn on Y7 tonight.

At Wisbech the timetable was pretty much adhered to until L10 10.48 to Peterborough which appeared 18 late with.... yes you've guessed it - 37568. L12 was not seen, but Bruce says it was 37156 and then 37569 was 2 early on L12 - it is possible that 569 was L11 28 late, but certainly 156 was L11 this evening.
K14 with 37157 was 10 x 14 late and then 37579 was viewed returning from Peterborough on K15 30 late and then ten minutes later 37160 on K16 appeared.
At 18.10 Peter saw 37159 on K5 heading down the Wisbech eastern bypass, though why the diversion was necessary is unclear.

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