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Wednesday 8th June 2011 ~ One Step Nearer

The use of 20126 in place of a Gemini ended today. The Yarmouth coach worked the first turn out of King's Lynn eastbound and was replaced at Lowestoft by 37158. Meanwhile 37573 was back on the road working L11 to Lynn where 37567 replaced it.
With 20352 working K3 again, the chance was taken to keep 37568 in for repairs and 37159 ended up spare at Lowestoft, although there were no reports of it working on the X2. That is not to say that it didn't though as Malcolm had a look at Gasworks Road and found 20126 round the back, but no Geminis.
Des says " An interesting day beginning with 37572 on the L10 15.30 Yarmouth to Lowestoft. Departure was 3 late as Yarmouth bridge was open and Lowestoft was reached 6 late. Next it was 37567 on the L11 16.55 Lowestoft to King's Lynn. We were on time until queueing traffic was encountered due to Yarmouth races,  this meant I was 6 late at Acle. With the Rod Stewart concert at Carrow Road, congestion was also heavy into Norwich, so I ran in via the A140 instead of A146. Left Norwich 9 late but was only 4 late into King's Lynn at 20.03.
Norwich was again a problem on the L8 21.35 Lynn to Lowestoft with 37576. I made a diversion out of the City via Hall Road and the Ring Road to avoid traffic coming from Carrow Road. This was confirmed when I was heading Eastward on ring road and traffic was a continuous stream Westbound from County Hall direction.
Regarding the Regent Bingo display - None of the displays revert to this. Even after the electrics are shut of and switched back on, the display will revert to it's previous destination. To get from X1 display to Regent Bingo display takes 11 button pushes. From X1 to Not in Service takes 5 button pushes and a further 7 button pushes to get to Regent Bingo !". Checked it would appear on 37567....

Photo by courtesey of  Des Speed

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