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Tuesday 14th June 2011 ~ Revisiting Old Haunts

Both Bruce and Jamie R reported a rare sight at Walpole Highway this lunchtime. Driver trainer coach 20109 had paused here during duties and to add to the occasion, Y13 passed through the village at the same time with 20126 standing in for unavailable Gemini 37570.
During the morning 37563 on Y9 was replaced by 37159 as the former required servicing, however, no sooner had 37563 been completed than it was on its way again, this time to take over K18 15.35 from Peterborough which had failed at Wisbech with 37157 overheating. If this scenario sounds familiar, check out yesterday's blog when we reported a similar situation, again on K18, but this time with 37156 at Swaffham.
Many services ran around 5 minutes behind time today, but there were no serious delays noted. 37568 was seen by Michael Bryant operating an X2 diagram and once again B7 Profile coach 20352 had returned to its favourite turn, K3.

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