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Friday 17th July 2009 ~ One Man & His Blog

37563 heads for Peterborough at Faulkner's Tunnel this lunchtime on K16.
Whether yesterday's outburst was to blame, I know not, but apart from hearing from Bruce that the steam engine 'Tornado' is due to be in Torbay this weekend where he is on holiday and a text from Carol this evening, everyone else was quiet.

For the first time for ages all three B7 Profiles were used today. The missing 20351 returned to service on K3 and 20352 looks to have worked L8 to Lynn where 20118 took over for the 09.15 to Peterborough. Tonight L8 was 37577 so it would seem that 118 is doing a Lowestoft overnight. 20353 was used on L11. Only two turns were not seen at all today and these were K1 with 37565 and K18 with 20103, gen provided by an employee of FEC! Tonight though 20103 was one of several coaches in Vancouver Avenue suggesting that it was either taken off K18 at Lynn, in which case the forward vehicle is a mystery or it came back from Lowestoft on Y7. This morning 37569 was Y7 but there was no sign of this tonight. In fact the early arrivals at Lynn were all coaches except K5 which began the day as 37577 but was swapped at Lowestoft for 37570 which was one of three B9s viewed by Carol this evening.

Y13 changed vehicles at Lowestoft this evening with 37567 which was due for servicing being knocked out by 20107. 20104 meanwhile did Y9 so the final tally before the late evening arrivals at Lynn meant that tonight the locality will be favoured with 20103/4/5/6/7/9, 20121 and 20131. Whilst on the subject of 131, it returned to schools work today, while 20121 spent a second day idle at Rowan road.

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