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Tuesday 28th July 2009 ~ Variety Performance

The 15.35 Peterborough - Yarmouth (K18) heads east at Walpole Highway with 37575, one of a few Lynn B9s on the road today.
20127 was a surprise today seen working L11 12.05 Peterborough - Lowestoft. It completed the turn.

Well we had just about a bit of everything on the X1 today. The 'Gemini' situation became a bit embarrassing today, but to be fair the misfortune which befell 37579 was unforeseen. 579 was on K1 and was involved in an accident in Dereham (believed to have been this afternoon - it is due to depart there at 14.05). It sustained damage to the drivers side front after a car pulled out into the side of it. The front also suffered to a lesser extent. Needless to say it will be out of action for a while until repairs are effected. K1 was restarted from Lynn at 15.15 to Peterborough with Scania 65531 (many thanks to Andrew for the gen). This was taken off on arrival back at Lynn at 18.00 and 37570 went forward, however, this didn't get far as its ABS fault recurred - it had earlier been removed from K15 with same. As 20103 off Y7 the 18.09 arrival was nowhere to be seen this evening, I am assuming this did a quick turn round and replaced 37570. Both 570 and 579 were in King's Lynn garage this evening. As we've said, 37570 was taken off K15 at 15.24 and 37578 off a booked maintenance check seems to have worked forward. There was more mystery tonight though when 20118 due in from Peterborough on K5 at 19.58, failed to appear. More on this as we receive it, but it seems likely that a breakdown occurred.
Elsewhere the service ran pretty well and fairly punctually, but the lack of B9s can be judged by those turns having alternative power. K2 was 20352, K3 had 20106, K4 20104, K5 20118, Y7 20103, L11 20127, L12 34108 and K16 20107. Most unusual of these was not the Royale, but the provision of 20127 on L11. Neither of the Yarmouth allocated pair have been seen on the X1 for five weeks. 37566 had been expected on this diagram and it is just possible that it had to be removed at Yarmouth and 127 was provided as a replacement. .
The mileage on 37565 can be confirmed from its speedo which reads 80927, so in reality it has actually done quite well, though in relation to 37564 this is about 8000 miles less. 37563/578 have received dropdown ads for the film 'Aliens In The Attic' and 37575/78 rear ads for part-time educational courses as has 20127.
So this evening 37572/4/5/8 are the four Lynn based B9s still on the road. 37576 left for Volvo today.

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