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Friday 24th July 2009 ~ Return Of The Royale

Andrew James kindly sent this photograph of the scene at King's Lynn at 6pm this evening depicting K19 with 37570 which later left eastbound empty, its passengers having transferred to 34108 (rear) for onward transportation to Great Yarmouth.
It is nearly two weeks now since the last appearance of Royale 34108 on the X1, so it came a s a bit of a surprise today when K1 with 37563 changed vehicles at Lowestoft at just before mid-day and was replaced by the said Royale. Perhaps we shouldn't have been so surprised as the combination of 37563 requiring a service, as well as attention to its inoperable destination screen and the fact that it was Lowestoft Air Show may all have contributed to 34108 working.
Only turns not seen today were L12 and Y13. Of these L12 could possibly have been Gemini 37573 or a B10M, or may be even another Royale ! Y13 should have had 37565. B10Ms noted in service today were 20103 on K4, 20106 on K3 and 20118 which did K18 after 20351, the original vehicle was involved in a minor incident shortly after setting out this morning.
Andy James was at King's Lynn observing movements at teatime and says : "I viewed the following :
K3 1615 TO PBO - 20106
K17 1632 TO LOW - 37579 (13 LATE)
K4 1645 TO PBO - 20103 (5 LATE)
K18 1702 TO LOW - 20118
K5 1715 TO PBO - 20352
K19 1732 TO LOW - 37570 (30 LATE ~ SEE BELOW)
Y6 1745 TO PBO - 37569
K1 1802 TO LOW - 34108 (SEE BELOW)
Y7 1807 IN FROM LOW - 37564
K2 1832 TO LOW - 37578
L8 1850 TO PBO - 37567
Note : The 1732 and 1802 departures to Lowestoft came in together, 34108 - the on time 1802 took all of the passengers and departed on time whilst 37570 (the 30 minutes late 1732 departure) went off empty 'not in service' to make up its time".

I also saw 37570 running 33 late entering Wisbech on K19 at 17.23. 37572 did K15 for the third consecutive day but is earmarked for a service tomorrow, so its long run in continuous service may be about to end. Whilst on the subject of 37572, it continues to lead a charmed life in that it has never been disfigured with advertising on the drivers side. This prompts the question as to whether there is a fault on this particular buses hoarding.

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jimbo said...

hi all..

First West Yorks,has withdrawn 30786-90 which are R reg'd Volvo Royale's, from what i can gather they are for cascade,lets hope they are coming to East Anglia,that should help bolster the Olympian fleet a bit.