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Monday 20th July 2009 ~ South Lincolnshire Handicap

Sounds like a race you might find on the card at Market Rasen doesn't it, but I'm referring to my work which was relocated just for today and tomorrow in Long Sutton. This was bad news with Bruce being in Devon and Rob Brooks at work and daytime sightings were severely restricted.
20103 went streaking past Walpole Highway at dead on 08.30 this morning on K2 and this sent it to Lowestoft this evening. Ending up at the west end was Y13 lwhich looked very much like 20104 this evening when viewed from the pub on the South Brink at Wisbech and this would make sense. 20118 appears to still be at the Lowestoft end although L12 was the only turn not seen today so it could have been 118 or more likely today's unaccounted for B9 which was 37568.
Profile 20351 was on special tests this morning but looked to have returned by midday. 351 is thought to have replaced 37578 on K15 at around 15.00. Later 578 was itself the relief vehicle for 37574 which Andy reported as being removed from the 18.50 departure from Lynn to Peterborough. 574 was later seen at Vancouver Avenue bearing two new ads, a dropdown one for a new Disney film 'G Force' and a rear one for Volkswagen.

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