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Wednesday 15th July 2009 ~ Things Quieten Down

After yesterday's events it is nice to provide a short blog after a day where little really happened X1 wise. Firstly I should report that the demise of 37576 reported last night was premature as it worked K3 today and looked fine when seen in service at 08.50 and again at 16.50. Using 576 on K3 was probably intentional as this is now the 'early bath' internal turn which in the old timetable was classified K4.
37573 remains at Volvo and still no news on the whereabouts of 37570 which is assumed to be in the same location. Unconfirmed rumours say that 37571 has now returned to Wrights in Northern Ireland for assessment. It had been stored near Wisbech pending a VOSA inspection.
On the visiting vehicle front, 20123 was today replaced by 20104 and Sam reports that 123 has now rejoined 20115 at Norwich. The day passed without a Royale being used and Michael noted all the fleet in use on the X2 including 34108 but with the exception of 34109/110, both of which were in use yesterday. This suggests that may be the tacho modification was being carried out today.
First indications show that there was only one turn that changed vehicles today, but this was quite significant as 37565 on Y7 was changed at Lowestoft for 20131, so this ended up back at its home depot again following repairs. We've already mentioned the use of 20104, it did L11 and there were two further B10M workings today, these being 20103 on K16 and 20107 on K18.

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ABB said...

I wonder what caused 37576s trouble on tuesday then?