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Saturday 18th July 2009 ~ In Defence of Blogs

As you will see, a group of us who write our own blogs have agreed together to make a joint statement regarding the recent controversy, this can be found in the column on the right of this page.
I went car hunting today as the poor old Mondeo has now done 130k and is in need of replacement. I saw a few X1 services on my travels and by this evening had managed to account for every turn. 37563 was in service on L8 today with all its destination/service screens out of order.
Geminis in service were 37563-70 inclusive and 37572/5/6/7/8/9. The absentees were the damaged 571, 37574 had a day off at Lowestoft and 37573 is still at Volvo. Profile 20351 began the day on K5 but after a trip from Lynn to Peterborough and back, got changed for sister 20352. 20353 worked K3. Checks are due on the B7s next week, hence their gathering at Lynn this evening.
B10Ms out today were 20103 on K4, 20104 on K1 and 20107 on K14 which was out after having had a solenoid replaced late last night. 20118 did not return from Lowestoft today and tonight 20121 was absent from King's Lynn. Gemini 37566 worked Y6 all day ending up at Lowestoft where it is due to receive a service.
The X1 diagrams vary in their length, the shortest being Y7 which covers 309 miles and the longest is L8 which amasses 478 miles if the same vehicle sticks on it all day. In total, seven of the 19 turns exceed 400 miles. The figures referred to here are for weekdays, the turns vary slightly on Saturdays and then L12 just does an out and back and then empty to Yarmouth, roughly 252 miles.

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