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Tuesday 7th July 2009 ~ Back to the Grindstone

After a week or so off, it was a case of returning to work today to pay the bills. This afternoon we had staff training at a nearby hotel which put paid to any afternoon sightings. Bruce meanwhile had a journey over to Cromer, so again afternoon sightings were meagre.
20353 was removed from L8 last night for a scheduled service and it looks as though 20118 worked forward as this appeared on L10 today and duly did the 19.50 Lynn - Peterborough tonight as booked. It wasn't the only B10M out this evening either as Y13 was 107 all day and this meant the beast did the final westbound trip of the day as the 21.50 Lynn - Peterborough. Earlier it was viewed leaving Wisbech a minute early on the 12.18 to Peterborough. Yarmouth turned out 20123 on Y9 today which probably didn't go down too well at Lynn as they thought it was gone for good after repairing it last week, it having been requested back at Norwich. It will no doubt be sent back east tomorrow. The school buses today were 20105/6/9.
Today was notable in that it saw the long awaited return to service of Gemini 37578 which did K19. The unreliable 37565 was used on K18 today which means it should end up at Yarmouth where Ryan reports the arrival of 20131 after its failure in Gorleston yesterday. One final thing for today and an extremely unusual one at that was 20104 seemingly staying in Lynn depot all day without being used after arrival last night. The luxury of a spare vehicle being afforded by the re-entry to traffic of 37578. Timekeeping was very good today save K4 this morning which was almost 30 late with 37573, however by this afternoon all of this loss had been regained. B7 20351 will probably be fit for MOT tomorrow, although it still appeared to have some work pending this evening. 20352 meanwhile was K17 and 20353 K5.

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