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Sunday 19th July 2009 ~ Unchartered Waters

10/10 for artistic impression ! Jamie V has been at it again, this time designing a suitable livery for the B7 Profiles and a great improvement it would be in my opinion, the darker shade of blue currently worn and lack of Excel vinyls giving quite a drab appearance.
The reason for the absence of 20121 from Rowan Road last night was because it was being used on a staff charter. I should have remembered as one of the friendly FEC drivers had told me in the week. It was back tonight however. 20103 had a Sunday run out on the X1 commencing with the 08.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough and thus ended up at King's Lynn tonight. Somehow 37563 managed to occupy a pit lane at King's Lynn garage tonight meaning it had either been removed last night when it should have worked the 21.35 to Lowestoft, or more likely it was taken off K6b today with 37576 working forward. 37577 had done K6a this morning.

'Has 37579 got a 'Bruno' advert ? ' asked Cheryl this afternoon, 'because if so it was the 15.22 Wisbech - Peterborough'. She thought it had looked like 579 but wasn't quite sure. I confirmed that it was indeed on this turn. The other turns not mentioned so far were in the hands of 37564/5/7/72/5/8 today. The three Profiles remained in Vancouver Avenue depot today and 20351 is due for attention tomorrow morning.

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